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When I conceived this website, my original intent was essentially to make an online portfolio to show and share my work.

I noticed however that one of my pleasure in photography was to understand how it worked. I have often been asked questions about optics and have myself been wondering about many optical phenoma occurring in the natural environment, or simply, about the technical aspects of photography that are related to optics.

I have therefore decided to present here an introduction to a few optical phenomena that may be related to photography and to provide a few utilies that I found helpful or interesting to develop. At the time being, that part of my website is still in its sheer infancy and not much is available. (Actually, I even have disabled the link on November 3rd, as I am reorganizing that section.) I hope however to complete and improve it on more or less regular basis. If you have suggestions on what you would like to find in there, just let me know, as I shall consider completing my optics section accordingly, if they are of my competence.

Thank you for your visit!

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The links above provide you with access to my photographic galleries (I also added the possibility to select a picture randomly within them) and picture of the month (which I provide in a larger size than the usual one found in my galleries), to my optics tutorials and utilities (temporarily unavailable), and to a site map.

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